How to Sell my House that needs Repairs in Louisville KY   Numerous years ago, I bought a house in Louisville with no knowledge of what I was doing. To me it was simple. Call a realtor, tell him what I wanted, and do as I am told. Not realizing for years of all the mistakes made along the way. Now it is time for me to sell my starter home and move on to the next step of my life. A journey that I was unknowingly going to learn more about the buy and sell process than ever expected. So, let us talk about what I learned, so that you do not have to go through the painful learning curve that I did. Typical  process of selling a home in Louisville KY What’s the easier way to sell my home in Louisville? How to find a  Cash Buyer in Louisville The process of selling your home in Louisville can be a long and stressful situation. Not knowing the steps involved only adds more uncertainty and worry during every step of the way. So, in this article, we will go over the typical steps invol

Sell my house fast in Louisville KY

  The Golden Sign   Becoming a homeowner is a proud step for any person in the United States. It’s a moment of achievement, a moment of pride, and a moment where you can finally say “I made it, I’m independent!”. Then you live your new life. The process of learning all the daily tasks that come with owning a home, instead of renting an apartment, like cutting the grass or any maintenance and repairs. Day after day the small unexpected bills begin to add up. The washer goes out and the roof springs a leak. None of these were built into the budget because these things weren’t suppose to happen and definitely not all at the same time. After you’ve delayed the bills you can and stacked your credit up to stressful amount, you’re out of options. You’re going to go lose the grand trophy of your life, you are going to lose your home…. And to make things worse, your credit with an eviction is going to take a major dip. Life couldn’t get much worse. Without any other options, you think to